Dean Pedalino R.Ph. CPh. FASCP

Dean Pedalino R.Ph. CPh. FASCP

Managing Partner, Business Development

Dean brings more than 30 years of management experience in institutional pharmacy management and pharmacy consulting to the team. Most recently, Dean served as a CEO for Pharmetrics Specialty Rx a non-sterile compounding company achieving 14 million in revenues during its first year of operation. Prior to Pharmetrics he served as President of Pharmacy Matchmakers, Inc. and V.P. of Healthcare Consultants Business Solutions where the focus of business was brokering pharmacies and pharmacy acquisitions along with new pharmacy startups and business development.  A key area of focus was pharmacy rehabilitation to maximize a pharmacy’s position before during or after a sale. Prior to his work helping other pharmacies improve performance, Dean served as C.O.O.  for Executive Pharmacy Services a multistate long term care pharmacy serving 6,000 long term care patients. Dean has provided operational consulting leadership to over 100 independent pharmacies in both long term care, compounding, both sterile and non-sterile and in retail pharmacy environments. Dean has been the consultant to two Fortune 500 companies, Davita  and UPS. Dean is a graduate of St. John’s University, College of Pharmacy and is a member of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP).

Peter Day, R.Ph., C.Ph.

Peter Day, R.Ph., C.Ph.

Managing Partner, Pharmacy Operations

As a unique and innovative thinker with an unprecedented work ethic and a proven track record of successes in pharmacy and clinical management. Mr. Day possesses the ability to set new benchmarks and exceed customer expectations – both key ingredients to the successful operation of our exciting new company. Serving most recently as Chief Operating Officer for a multi-faceted pharmacy organization, Mr. Day directed all operations serving retail, long-term care, DME/HME, compounding and intravenous infusion pharmacies. He also helped create and guide the operations of the premier long-term care pharmacy company, Integrity Pharmacy Services, from its inception to 65 Million dollars in annual sales revenue in less than five years as its Chief Operating Officer/Chief Pharmacist. Mr. Day is a past member of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacist PAC Committee, is a well-known industry speaker at national events and on regional broadcast outlets, and has served as Assistant Clinical Professor at Nova Southeastern College of Pharmacy. Peter is a graduate of St. John’s University, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

Bob Kusher

Senior Healthcare Consultant

Bob is a career entrepreneur having owned and/or operated more than 20 healthcare businesses over a 25 year period. These include pharmacies, medical supply companies, physician practices, home health agencies, durable medical equipment providers, dialysis centers, a lab supply business and a consumer radiology company. He has served as the CEO of two publicly traded companies, and acted as a board member for a privately held provider of pharmacy technology.

As a result of these positions, Bob has been responsible for the strategic direction of the companies, has built sales teams and distribution networks, has led both acquisitions and start- ups, and has sold businesses to strategic and economic buyers. Bob is adept at structuring partnerships and mutually beneficial sales transactions, and is often brought in by companies seeking to “take it to the next level” or to position a company for a successful sale.

Thomas C. Marullo

Thomas Marullo is a highly organized and detailed individual bringing over 20 years of pharmacy operations, project management, and healthcare IT experience to our team. Thomas has most recently served as Director of IT and Project Management for Pharmetrics Specialty RX and Corporate Project Manager for Integrity Pharmacy Services. Thomas’s unique wealth of knowledge and skills played an essential role in the building of Pharmetrics Specialty Rx cloud based infrastructure, allowing for centralize workflow and pooling of labor expenses across multiple locations. As project manager, Tom was an instrumental stake holder in Integrity Pharmacy Services overseeing and directing the construction of 5 long term care pharmacies. His involvement was a key factor to meeting growth projections allowing the company to reach sales revenue of over $65 million in annual revenue in less than 5 years from inception. Thomas has vast knowledge of pharmacy regulations and DEA Title 21 CFR having previously worked to develop policy and procedures for long term care pharmacies with one of the nation’s leading former DEA Diversion agents / consultants. Thomas also maintains a State of Florida Pharmacy Technician License. With Thomas’s creative and analytical thinking no problem is ever left unsolved and potential pitfalls will be identified and solutions implemented prior to them becoming obstacles to success.