Pharmacy Consulting

Uniquely positioned we can effectively provide services to assist you in designing, building, licensing, operating, managing and improving your operation and your revenue stream.

Start Up Pharmacy

We can provide any level of expertise ranging from simply being an informational resource to providing turn key solutions to pharmacy ownership.

Licensing: New Pharmacy/Out of state

We effectively manage the licensing process, chase the paperwork and ensure that licensure is completed to the Board of Pharmacy satisfaction reducing or eliminating requests for follow up submissions.

Process Improvement

With experienced consultants in all levels of management our focus is on improving the efficiency of processes and workflow in order to achieve the benefits of reduced labor cost, less waste of resources, and increased productivity all culminating in increases to your bottom line.

Interim Management

Integrity Partners can step in and fill voids in your organization by assisting in running the day to day manangement of your company or the C-level management on a temporary or permanent basis. We can also assist in finding and selecting the right candidate to fill critical positions within your organization.

Audit Prep/Assist

Our experienced personnel have been through many audits and can assist you in preparing for the inevitable audit by helping to develop policies and procedures that will keep you in a constant state of preparedness. Review existing processes for potential audit trigors and document traning and education necessary to survive the ever increasing number of audits faced by healthcare providers.

Regulatory Support / Compliance

Our team can provide the necessary expertise to ensure your organization operates in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations additionally we can help ensure you have a program of training and documentation in place to ensure regulatory compliance.

Mock Inspection Audits

Our team will help ensure your team is adequately prepared for an audit by walking your key personnel through a Mock Audit asking the key questions, helping to enusre they are prepared with the proper responses and review of the documentation.

Consulting Services