Network Infrastructure

Integrity Partners can create a rock solid IT backbone and handle everything from new contruction and installation to structural upgrades.

Network Design and Implementation

Be it localized servers or Cloud processors, Integrity Partners can design and impliment operational and security/data backup grades.

Internet Service Option Evaluation

Let Integrity Partners evaluate your true internet needs and the available options in your location to ensure a fast and reliable connection for your business needs.

IT Equipment Installation

From a printer to firewall, Integrity Partners can handle your installation needs with a qualified and knowledgeable technician.

Paperless Pharmacy Integration

Wether it is for productivity, LEEDS certifications, or both, Integtity Partners can help your business move foward implementing a paperless solution that is right for you.

Cloud and Comupting Design

Integrity Partners has a solution to bring your business to the cloud, no matter if it 5 employees or 5000 we have a solution.

Rx Software Set Up and Management

Integrity Partners has experience with most major pharmacy input system vendors and can help guide you to the right solution for your business.

System Maintenance

Let Integrity Partners qualified technicians handle your server and workstation system maintence allowing your employees to stay more productive on an optimaly running system.

User Workstation Security

Don’t like viruses and malware? Either do we! Integrity Partners has many cutomized workstation security solutions. Let us evaluate your needs and customize a solution that is right for you.

Physical Site Security Design

Security vendors tend to not understand the nature and requirements of pharmacy security. Integrity Partners has the expertise to design the right system with the right options for your business.

CCTV Design and Install

Leave no corner uncovered. Integrity Partners can design and install the optimal system for your CCTV budget.

Electronic Access Controls

Control who go through each door and when they have access with access controls. Integrity Partners can help you integrate these features into your business.

DEA Compliance Analysis/Training

Integrity Partners team has worked extensively with the DEA to develop compliance manuals that every employee can understand and follow. Let Integrity Partners develop a solution and training program that is right for your team.

Pharmacy Automation & Design

Increase your bottom line, reduce errors, and get meds out faster all with pharmacy automation. Let integrity partners help you decide what solution is right for you.

Purchase & Inventory Management

Maximize you profits and reduce your loss by controlling your purchasing and inventory. Integrity Partners can implement a purchasing program and train your staff to purchase more efficiently without comprimising customer service.

IT Solutions